"Gnarly 2.0"

Ingram Alumni Project
Alumni Concert
Saturday, February 6, 2016
Chabot College Performing Arts Center
Many thanks to all of you who were there.
Check out the photos of 
the fantastic evening.
More to come... 

John with Greg Olsen after the concert

"Gnarled Gnome"

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Greg Olsen (1974)

We have received 54 results from the survey.  Most of the respondents remember John driving a “pink” barracuda or a green Ford pickup, and having a dog named Fred or Chester.  Just about all performed “William Tell” but surprisingly almost all had also performed “Pictures”, “Rhapsody in Blue”, “1812”, and “Schererazade.  Of the favorites, “Night on Bald Mountain” beat out “William Tell”.  Other favorites are  “Christmas Festival” and “March Slav”.  Many  alums remember going to the races at Vallejo, performing in the German Band, participating in the band marathons, and going to Disneyland and the Reno Jazz Festival.  And yes Mike Aubel and Bernhard Brauns remember going to Alaska with John in the Ford pick-up for an entire month!  
And here are a few of the wonderful comments:
“John would pick up a couple of us at our homes and drive us to school. We practiced before school, during school, after school, and after dinner. John was the most dedicated teacher I ever had.”
“I wasn't the most talented of students but was able to spend a lot of time with John. Gone are the days when a teacher can pile the students in the car and just leave campus”
“Mr. Ingram is one of those educators that you never forget. Not only a great music director but a historian as well. My appreciation and love for music is directly attributable to his instruction and the love he has for his students.”
“I remember he had great sense of humor which played into his teaching style and made us all feel comfortable which made it easy to learn.”
“Because of Ingram's great example and influence, I have had a great love and enjoyment of all styles of music my whole life that I was able to pass onto my children. Also, all other bands will forever be measured against the benchmark of his bands. PS: I still play my old alto sax now and then”
“Besides my parents, John is the best teacher I've ever had. He challenged us to become better musicians, by setting high standards; standards we didn't know we could achieve...but he knew we could. He taught us what it meant to practice and work hard, and to strive for excellence. And the results were extraordinary...and memorable!!”
“I seem to remember some rather garish plaid pants of his.”
“As a 7th grade student at Rancho Arroyo in 1974, Mr. Ingram took me to House of Woodwinds in Oakland and helped me buy my first saxophone. Since then I have played that horn all over the world and still play it today. I even met my future wife while playing in a band I joined because I could play the sax. Thanks, John for EVERYTHING!!”